How It Works

Program Methodology

The proposed objectives serve to focus our volunteer’s and staff’s efforts towards achieving our mission to provide stable, secure and low-cost housing for low and very low-income veterans focusing on Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding communities of Washington, D.C.

Haven for Hero’s, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, organized and operated exclusively to improve the lives of veterans and their families by providing housing and a pathway to home ownership for low income veterans.

There are 2 types of homelessness: economic or episodic homelessness and chronic homelessness. Many individuals and families experience economic homelessness due to job loss, health issues, or other hardships. Chronic homelessness, on the other hand, is defined by HUD as an individual who is “either (1) an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has been continuously homeless for a year or more, OR (2) an unaccompanied individual with a disabling condition who has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.”

Our goal is to help veterans who, by HUD statistical definitions, are low or very low income and have reliable income but who cannot qualify to purchase a home and, in most cases, cannot even afford a decent rental home at market rates. In other cases, the home they could afford would not be in a safe neighborhood. Our plan is to acquire reasonable, safe and sustainable housing units either through donations from property owners, direct purchase of distressed properties or from HUD and other agencies. Ideally these homes will offer access to public transportation, providing opportunities for employment and access to social services and support groups. There will be an application process and financial suitability testing for people that are interested in participating in the program. We also intend to rely and partner with other approved 501(c)(3) organizations and governmental housing and veteran’s agencies to source and screen potential qualifying renters.

There are five important elements our organization will focus on:

  • Relief for poor and distressed within our community.
  • Combat community deterioration through the acquisition and repairing of properties as required for occupancy.
  • Lessen the burden of government by offering solutions to the affordable housing crisis.
  • Elimination of prejudice and discrimination towards the poor by providing access to housing within stable and safe neighborhoods.
  • Provide affordable, safe and sustainable housing opportunities for the disadvantaged.

Our goal is to provide Transitional, rental and long-term housing opportunities for veterans that cannot otherwise afford to rent or purchase decent, safe housing. We intend to work with other community-based organizations, local and state government agencies, 501(c)(3) organizations, HUD approved, 501(c)(3) local housing counseling agencies (LHCA), churches and Veterans Administration to provide additional social and support services at low or no cost and to provide relief to people with unusual and extreme financial burdens that prohibit them from obtaining decent housing.

The purpose of this program is to help homeless and hard working, low income veterans and their families to obtain housing and ultimately achieve stability, combat community deterioration, reduce crime due to poverty and hopelessness and build stronger neighborhoods in the process.

All organizational programs are administered by well-trained volunteers. The founder, Barzel and Brenda McKinney are well qualified for this position. Additionally, our Board of Directors are comprised of a professional group of talented individuals who are dedicated to committing their time and resources to building a stronger community.

Haven for Hero’s, Inc. strives to serve as many people as possible with the resources we have available – every individual is important to our organization and we will not discriminate against anyone. By offering services that are concentrated on serving those in need and addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution in helping the people we work with lead a more fulfilling life.

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