How It Works

Executive Summary

Haven for Hero’s (H2) is an innovative and vital nonprofit organization that helps to provide veterans and their families with affordable housing to overcome homelessness and overwhelming challenges to achieve a high quality of life. To this end, we work with veterans who that are homeless, as well as others in the community, to develop comprehensive service plans designed to meet the needs of veteran’s finding affordable housing nationwide.

Our mission is to eliminate veteran homelessness by providing housing solutions and services that will empower and impact the lives of homeless veterans and their families.

Our primary objective is to help veterans and their families with shelter and supportive services. To realize that vision, the organization has recently completed a comprehensive strategic planning effort that resulted in a comprehensive plan for the acquisition of homes in the community to house homeless veterans and their families in need of housing.

Acknowledging the needs that exist in the United States, our affordable housing program is focused on providing immediate housing opportunities to those in need, and subsequently assisting veterans with accessing resources to address their physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and vocational needs. The housing program was designed to help veterans and their families in our community suffering from homelessness and is devoted to helping those who are determined to make serious changes in their lives.

No one chooses to be homeless, yet the reality is there are many people who are experiencing homeless every night. The chronically homeless are visible on our streets, downtown, and in the woods. Ignoring the problem is not a solution. Housing people is.

Studies comparing the cost of public services used by chronically homeless individuals to the costs of providing housing plus services for the same population show that developing affordable supportive housing options reduces homelessness and saves millions of taxpayer dollars over time, improving the quality of life for everyone.

Our plans set aggressive, yet realistic goals for completion of our project and subsequent service delivery.

Our specific objectives were developed with input from the board of directors as well as other constituents. Our plans set aggressive, yet realistic goals for completion of the project. In support of our main goal, the organization holds these values and beliefs:

  • To serve veterans with respect, hospitality, and dignity.
  • To support the veterans we serve without judgment.
  • To believe in the potential of all veterans and their right to self-determination.
  • To reinforce positive behavior.
  • To obtain homeownership
  • To build long-standing partnerships with other organizations in the community that shares the same vision.
  • To value the diversity of our guests, staff, board, and volunteers through a model of inclusivity.
    To believe that the community is strengthened when it cares for those with the fewest resources.

In order to achieve these goals, we have developed the following specific objectives:

  • To obtain and renovate 3-5 homes in the Fredericksburg, Hampton, Richmond Virginia areas by December 31, 2019.
  • To provide supportive services to 50 homeless veterans in need in the Fredericksburg, VA, Hampton, VA and Richmond VA communities by Dec 31, 2019.
  • To fully develop our program initiatives and facilities by Jan 31, 2020.

Until all people in the world have access to affordable housing, homelessness will remain a widespread societal problem that needs to be addressed. In these economic times, we realize donors are very carefully considering their annual giving. However, we are confident that spending these valuable and limited resources on our programming is one of the best investments that could be made in service to those who have so graciously served for us all. We keep our administrative costs low, offer high-quality programming, and carefully measure outcomes.

Haven for Hero’s while still a young organization has demonstrated the fiscal responsibility necessary to ensure effective allocation of funds received via a variety of revenue streams, including donations and fundraisers.

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