Before you accept a low-ball offer, read this!

You may have received up to 10, maybe even 20 low-ball offers for your home if you were flagged as a “DISTRESSED HOME-OWNER.” These are “TAGS” that real estate investors use to find home owners who may need to sell their home. You might be in a time sensitive situation or maybe the house needs too many repairs for you to deal with. If you inherited a vacant property, lost your job, were issued a pre-foreclosure notice, or have a lien on your property, your house has left you with a digital footprint that many investors try to seek out. These investors make a good living helping people like you by offering as low as they think you will accept for your home. If enough investors tag you, enough low offers will come in that you might actually start to think these low ball offers are "just the going rate" for your home after so many of them.

Some “investors” don't even actually buy your house!

There is a growing trend thanks to some real estate investment "gurus" where "investors" will wholesale or assign (sell) the contract to a real investor for $10k, $20k, sometimes up to $50,000!

This is YOUR equity they are taking out of YOUR pocket.

And on top of that, there are Capital Gain TAXES if it was investment property or increased in value. By selling or donating your real estate to a 501(c)3 nonprofit like Haven For Hero's, you are not only helping us get our homeless veterans off the streets and back on track with a new foundation on life, you maintain your equity and can get a MAJOR TAX DEDUCTION!

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Here's How It Works


We raise funds from investors

Private lending gives us the seed money to purchase homes to support veterans in need. These investments help the community and our investors are paid back with interest!


We buy your house for cash

We'll beat any cash offer you've received. After purchase, if the home meets VA standards, we will use it to house a homeless veteran and help them get back on their feet.


We improve the house to get it VA-approved

We either remodel the home to meet VA standards for a veteran homebuyer or we remodel it to meet Special Adaptive Housing requirements for a severely injured veteran.


A veteran gets quality housing options that fit their needs & budget

Private lending gives us the seed money to purchase homes to support veterans in need. These investments help the community and our investors are paid back with interest!

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Here's why we can beat ANY cash offer

Because we are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, we purchase homes through the IRS "Bargain Sale". This allows you to receive a tax deduction up to the appraised fair market value when you sell your home at a discount.

If you own a vacant home, a troublesome tenant, or several properties that you want to part ways with, Haven For Hero's can take them off your hands for real money. Not only will we beat any cash offer you've received, we will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property has been donated to a real estate service that champions a good cause. We encourage you to consult your CPA or accountant for the best option ,weather it is a bargan sale or straight donation. Offers are created to be a win win for both the seller and our veterans. Check out our Special Program Guide Ebook below for more info.

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On purchasing a new house it requires renovations. The costs will be allotted for the buying price, renovations, carrying prices, price to resell, and a small buffer too for unexpected expenses.