Our mission is to eliminate veteran homelessness by providing housing solutions and services that will empower and impact the lives of homeless veterans and their families.

Who We Are

Haven for Hero's Inc is a nonprofit organization, organized and operated by veterans exclusively to improve the lives of veterans and their families by providing housing solutions and a pathway to homeownership for homeless and low-income veterans.

Founded by Barzel and Brenda McKinney,(retired army veterans) the organization was conceived and organized to address the lack of housing and outreach support to disadvantaged veterans and their families.

Our organization is currently seeking funding to increase our organizational capacity through the acquisition of capital funding for acquisition and renovation of homes to be used to accommodate veterans and their families.

Our Agenda

There are five important elements our organization will focus on:


Relief for the poor and distressed within our community


Combat community deterioration through the acquisition and repairing of properties as required for occupancy


Elimination of prejudice and discrimination towards the poor by providing access to housing within stable and safe neighborhoods.


Provide affordable, safe and sustainable housing opportunities for the disadvantaged.


Lessen the burden of government by offering solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

We Thank You!