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We realize the importance of being an outcome-based organization and thus focus heavily on producing sustainable results for those we serve. Evaluation of program effectiveness and efficiency is a continuous process. Ongoing assessments are made to guarantee appropriate spending, management, organization, and preparation. Regularly scheduled board meetings are mandatory to oversee all operations and to ensure that goals and objectives are being achieved in accordance with planned milestones.

The effectiveness of our proposed supportive affordable housing program will be determined by assessing its impact of our programs on participants, using a number of methods to garner feedback and testimonials about their experiences. We plan to develop a database functionality through which we track the number of clients served, including the number of placements made each quarter and the frequency and variety of supportive services provided.

H2 currently has a multi unit (2) 3 bedroom/2Bath home under construction to be used to provide housing for 2 low income veterans families in Hampton VA. We are currently concluding the acquisition of another Multi unit(2) 3 bedroom/2 bath home in the Fredericksburg City area to be completely renovated and ready for occupancy by late December 2020.

Donate to charity Without Spending Extra Money

Program deliverables will be assessed once per quarter, as well as outputs and outcomes. If deliverables aren’t being met, outreach efforts will be increased in conjunction with the caseloads of the case managers and/or the Program Director. Monthly reports will be submitted to the Executive Director, which include reporting of progress towards established objectives as well as proposed plans for remedying any deficiencies. Direct program staff will work closely with the executive director to assess program performance and the possible need for program modifications or corrective actions. Tools that will be utilized in this review are the intake assessment, the client’s individualized service plan, transition, and discharge information, established performance goals, and a review of completed client satisfaction survey. If performance improvement activities need to be developed to enhance outcomes for clients served, the staff will work collaboratively with administrators, clients, and other partner agencies to modify services to ensure that we respond to the changing needs of those we serve. We will use all data gathered to determine the level of success this initiative has in ensuring each client’s ability to obtain and remain in permanent housing, increase skills and income, access and utilize available health services, and actively continue community engagement. We will also use the data to identify other support needs clients might have that should be included in future program planning or advocated for in the community.

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