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How You Can Help

Focus your efforts on supporting the homeless veteran service providers in your community, or become an active advocate to make sure veterans receive an appropriate share of the resources that are available to address and prevent homelessness in your area.

  • Support emergency shelters – Donate personal care items, clothing (new underwear, socks and T-shirts are always needed) and food, or make cash contributions.
  • Volunteer as mentors, counselors or legal aides – Homeless veterans in transitional or supportive permanent housing often need help with learning basic life and social skills, employment training and placement, mental health or substance abuse counseling, and help with legal problems.
  • Raise funds for programs – Contact churches, civic and business groups, schools, and veterans service organizations for contributions, or a share of proceeds from community events. Large corporations in your area may agree to an employee matching program. Involve the local media to ensure benefactors are recognized for their support of America’s veterans.
  • Volunteer at Stand Down programs – These are two- to three-day events that give homeless veterans a secure, community-like retreat to receive healthcare and personal hygiene services, food, clothing, housing and employment referrals, and VA benefits counseling – all in one location. For a list of upcoming Stand Down programs, click here.
  • Develop Homeless Veteran Burial Programs – Several programs have been developed over the last few years to ensure that homeless veterans receive proper burial with military honors. Programs are collaborative efforts involving local medical examiners, hospitals, VA regional offices and funeral services providers.

To obtain more info or get on our volunteer list, please complete the volunteer form and we will contact you shortly.


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